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Basic Data

Name European Healthcare Acquisition & Growth Company B.V.
First Day of Trading November 18, 2021
Type of share Class A ordinary shares with a nominal value of €0.01 (“Public Share”)
Number of shares outstanding at the time of the listing 26,666,666 shares
(20,000,000 Public Shares underlying the units issued as part of the private placement and 6,666,666 shares held by the Founders, excluding 150,000,000 class A ordinary shares held in treasury ("Treasury Shares"))
Initial Issue price €10.00 per unit (1 public share and 1/3 public warrant)
Share capital at the time of the listing €266,666.66 (and, including the Treasury Shares, €1,766,666.66)
Public Share ISIN NL0015000K10
Public Share Ticker Symbol EHCS
Public Warrant ISIN NL0015000K28
Public Warrant Ticker Symbol EHCW
Stock Exchange Euronext Amsterdam
Market Segment Euronext Amsterdam (Regulated Market)
Paying Agent ABN AMRO