EHC – The first operators-led healthcare-focused acquisition and growth company in Europe and a novel framework for aligned value creation

European Healthcare Acquisition & Growth Company B.V. (EHC) is an operators-led special purpose acquisition company established to acquire one or more companies in the Europe healthcare market in the form of a merger, capital stock exchange, share purchase, asset acquisition, reorganization or similar transaction. With its exclusive focus on the healthcare market, EHC is the first of its kind in Europe and benefits from excellent investment opportunities driven by the market’s underlying fundamentals and an excellent value creation potential. In addition, the Sponsors have created a novel structure which materially innovates the special purpose vehicle concept to allow a very attractive alignment of interests of all stakeholders.

The Board of Directors consists of Dr. Thomas Rudolph as Executive Director as well as Non-Executive Directors Stefan Winners, Dr. Axel Herberg, Dr. Stefan Oschmann and Peer Schatz. EHC is expected to benefit from an outstanding network in European healthcare, a deep understanding of the full healthcare value chain and an unparalleled experience in value creation programs.

EHC operates with a clear commitment to sustainable value creation and long-term support of the target in executing growth, improving efficiency and driving post-merger performance. The sponsors believe that there is a unique opportunity to help great companies from Europe to achieve the next s-curve in growth and leadership. Their oftentimes very competitive technologies and services coupled with the additional funding, and the EHC sponsors network and experience may allow to unlock significant upscaling for the benefits of patients, company stakeholders and investors.